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Thursday, October 30, 2014

week in the life: wednesday

i really feel like i'm warming to my task this week

i took way more photos than the day before and am thoroughly enjoying the process.

these words from ali really resonated with me:
"Every photo we take includes a story - many include multiple stories that go layers deep. You tell one and realize how hard it is to tell one without telling another (or giving context) and so on. So many threads and opportunities in each photo."

 i've realised that my stories not only are layered, but they crossover different photos too.  i found that after i'd journalled for two photos that will end up in the album, i wrote a whole lot more on the blog yesterday about a third, yet the story goes across all three.

having said that, i'm a little late this with blog post today, because not only have i been out all day, but my lovely husband updated this computer to yosemite and safari threw a little spak attack

my overwhelming feeling throughout today was of gratitude

gratitude for great ideas (Ali!)

gratitude for my morning coffee and breakfast with my miracle man husband

gratitude for these girls
i didn't realise how much i missed them and our post-Zumba 'debriefs'
gratitude for a friend who let me buy her a drink so i could enjoy her company for a little longer

gratitude for hamish the butcher who let a complete stranger take his pic and not even ask why
(also, thanks for the pork loin.  it was Delish!)

gratitude for our 'no-fault' accident compensation commission which means these appointments are a third of the full price

gratitude for these two

 tash once said to me 'mum, i'm not even the funniest person in my class'
that title goes to claudette, and when the two of them are together, it's non-stop hilarity

i love claudette and her entire family.  they're flat out food people
do you know people like that?  just.good.people.

gratitude for a teen who's not embarrassed to follow me around the supermarket and take pics

gratitude that i can afford these groceries

gratitude for this girl who's happy to model every single dress that arrived in the post today

this is her 'all-3-dresses-that-i-bought-at-forever21-fit-and-i-love-them' face

gratitude for this guy and the first world medicine that allows him to mow the lawns

the lawn was so thick in places, I'm sure it felt like mowing marshmallow!!!

gratitude for this child
the crazy, smart, totally disorganised youngest-of-4-girls-child

gratitude for my craft room-cum-office
i think we need to acknowledge how much of our week is spent working on our 'week in the life'!!!

gratitude again for this guy
here's my IT dude updating my desktop to yosemite
he's in charge of all the technology around here
thank goodness!

gratitude for laughter

in these photos, they're lip syncing this video.  
tash is pretending to be the super uncool stepdad gary - pronounced GAREH!
have you heard of Sara [with no H] and 'EW'?
Sara is Jimmy Fallon's alter ego and in this video, he and are absolutely hilarious


then they made cupcakes

i have 118 photos in aperture from yesterday
MUCH less than the 287 photos that Tash and Claudette took when they got their hands on my camera late in the afternoon - see below.....!!!

why are teenagers so good at this and grown ups so bad?

hey, don't annoy the IT dude!

last night i went to bed at 9:50 - frustrated with safari that wouldn't work and FINALLY started a new book

"Cop Town" by Karin Slaughter
it's sitting on top of "Tracks" by Robyn Davidson

i bought 'tracks' after seeing the movie
it's about a woman who walked across australia with 4 camels 

in the movie she got to the walking part quite quickly.
i'm halfway through the book and she STILL hasn't started the trek!

i struggled with the pace of the book and it was very slow going (especially since i ONLY read last thing at night when i'm in bed, and if i've already gone to bed too late...

anyhoo, i took that book on our 5-week trip and didn't turn a single page
i hate not finishing a book because it feels like a failure, but i WANT to read, so i started 'cop town'

it's about a woman in the police force in atlanta in 1974
the author was interviewed on the radio here and my interest was piqued
i'm 3 chapters in and am already thoroughly enjoying it

and that was Wednesday!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

week in the life: tuesday

already i'm seeing a theme this week:

no routine

this is not a good or a bad thing, simply an acknowledgement
it's something i've noticed (mostly this year), but when you're documenting your day in photos, it brings it into stark contrast

someone got up early to finish her drama script
her original intention was to get the early train to school to finish it there, but while the ideas were flowing, she stayed home and got it done
she got a ride to school with clive

THIS table
not so many years ago when there was 6 people living in this house, i'd put individual piles of clean clothes back in each girls' room
there was one too many complaints that i'd put the 'wrong' item of clothing in the 'wrong' room

that was easy fixed
here are your clean clothes
take what's yours and put them away yourself!

weather-wise, the day started out well enough

although there's no photographic evidence, it did NOT end with clear blue skies


in days with no routine, THIS is my one constant...

(the coffee AND the man)

i've never known a child to quite spread out like tash does
it's a gift

it usually happens when she gets home

there have been up to THREE pair of shoes under the coffee table some days

those blankets are great for snuggling up under on a cold night and when we're watching movies, but does anyone ever fold them???

this is how i'll print the pics below
a too-fer!

Tash before school and me heading out

go the selfie stick

Tash had a dental appointment so i picked her up from school at 11.15

Tash is most aggrieved at the thought that the year 13's (final year) won't have a common room because it's been demolished to make way for this new structure.  she claims to be ill-informed as to what it is...

i've had girls at this school since 2003 and things never stop changing

 who knew that sensitive teeth can be attributed to growing pains?
not me!  at least she doesn't have any holes in her teeth - and why would she - fizzy drinks were banned in our house while they were growing up, although when i mentioned this to the dentist he said that 'wine biscuits' are apparently full of some evil gum (that includes high fructose corn syrup)

then it was to the movies with my 2nd eldest
i want to be like these people when i grow up

travelling to las vegas at 94 years old to perform a tribute piece at the world hip hop championships

yes you read that right

i cried and cried all through the [docu]movie

even katelin said 'it was so emotional!' - and if you knew my child, you'd know what it takes to move her emotionally

when i got home mikaela was already settled in for a chilled afternoon
she'd left the house at 650am as she's on 'earlies'
this week is different (again), in that she has 2 days at weltec and 2 days off (revision for their upcoming end of year exam and menu planning)
usually her studies are full time which is 4 days a week

this is usually how i find her if she's come home at lunchtime:
on tumblr, watching a show online (although she usually does that in her room), listening to music
twirling her hair

today i wrote about my work life (or lack thereof) and how it has its blessings

 tonight's dinner from my food bag all ready to go

smoked fish salad
easy and tasty

my food bag has changed my life
pretty sure i've said that before!

i have 44 photos in aperture from yesterday
less than i took and more than i'll print

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

week in the life: monday

for most of 2013 i did 'a day in the life', but i've never done a week in the life before.

i decided to give myself the best chance of competing the album by buying ali's kit.
i'm also really happy to support her website redesign, which has incorporated a shop.

to this end, i purchased some of the templates that can be used for the project, and some digital word files.

ali encouraged us to 'tell me more' and to take one photo from each day and 'story' that.
even before my week started i knew which story i wanted to tell.

i wrote 500 words about ONE PIECE OF PAPER

this one 

i wrote about how that piece of paper used to be filled with the comings and goings of 6 people every week

i wrote that that piece of paper has been on the wall for ONE YEAR
because 2 of my 4 girls have left home and now life isn't so busy and DEFINITELY not so routine, and that we don't need that piece of paper updated every week to keep up with what's going on

i wrote about how i FEEL that that piece of paper is no longer necessary

bookending my story yesterday was the 'stuff' of our day

a day late birthday dinner for my 2nd eldest
 at a restaurant we hadn't been to in a while
(but still a favourite)

 my $30 briscoes glasses that go with me EVERYWHERE these days 
the morning paper

last week's and our weekend away laundry

 retrieving the morning paper and being VERY surprised that it wasn't soaked through, given the fact that it had rained all night

i have 51 photos in aperture from yesterday
less than i took and more than i'll print

Sunday, August 31, 2014

photostory friday and the gift of giving

i always thought that it was my grandmother who said 'tis better to give than to receive', but a quick google tells me it's from the bible.

either way, they are words to live by.

some people take this to heart more than others, and this is particularly true of my friend NILA.
i guess she gets it from her mother, who's a member of the SATHYA SAI SERVICE ORGANISATION OF WELLINGTON. these wonderful people (made up mostly of ladies i think?) make and deliver FREE meals on wheels and provide volunteers to such organisations as our city's soup kitchen and the mary potter hospice.

this organisation lives by the 5 values of love, truth, peace, non-violence and right conduct.

they often provide the meal ingredients themselves and the organisation survives on donations.

last night they ran a fundraiser for mary potter hospice.
$15 for a wonderful authentic indian dinner - in 3 sittings
they were hoping to raise $4000

NILA (who celebrated her birthday yesterday) thought it was the perfect opportunity to GIVE:

"instead of going out for my birthday, my mum and i would like to support MPH by having a meal at the centre where she does a lot of her charity work.  my mum and i would like to PAY FOR YOU ALL to come and enjoy a meal.
i do not want any presents!
if you insist on paying for your ticket, it's $15"

classic nila

this is her happy face ;)

lining up for our delicious meal

awesome volunteers

and the main event - the potatoes were my fave!

no birthday is complete without cake!

that's nila's mum in the blue and yellow

it's not often nila is speechless!

nila was 'fashionably late' to her own event because she'd come straight from a function where she'd been awarded


myself and a dozen or so of my zumba girls felt so privileged to be a part of this wonderful event.

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